Vibo Valentia prison, cell phones and smartphones discovered in the high security section


By John

“Through a brilliant operation by the Penitentiary Police conducted from dawn this morning until a few minutes ago, at the Vibo Valentia prison Over ten devices, including mobile phones and smartphones, were found in the illicit possession of prisoners confined in the high-security sections of the circuit. In addition to the women and men of the Vibo Valentia department, reinforcements from the prisons of Catanzaro, Locri, Reggio Calabria, Palmi and Laureana di Borrello also took part in the important activity. The extent of the discovery, in addition to highlighting once again the extraordinary intelligence and operational intervention capabilities of the Penitentiary Police, confirms the structural inefficiency of the prison organization and of the high security circuit which, moreover, as an induced effect determines the excessive use of the regime referred to in the art. 41-bis of the penitentiary system”. This is how he comments on what happened Gennarino De FazioGeneral Secretary of the UILPA Penitentiary Police.

“The professionalism and wit of the penitentiary police certainly helps to patch up the multiple flaws in the system, but the fact remains that mobile phones, smartphones, narcotics, sometimes weapons, and more generally, unauthorized objects enter prisons too easily, which often become real drug dealing centers and centers for managing criminal activities. It is clear that repression is not sufficient either qualitatively or quantitatively, but that effective prevention is needed. To do it, it is inevitable to strengthen the staff of the Penitentiary Policemissing compared to the real requirement of 18 thousand units at national level and 118 units in Vibo Valentia, and implement the technologies and instruments in order to make controls more widespread and efficient and prevent the fraudulent introduction of goods and objects also through drones ”, explains the Secretary of UILPA PP.

“Moreover, only last August, following an inspection that I had personally conducted, I had raised the alarm on the maintenance of the security levels of the Vibo penitentiary, net of the dedication and competence of the Director, the Commander and all the Department of the Penitentiary Police Force stationed. In applauding the operation, we therefore hope once again that the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, and the Meloni Government take concrete note of the continuing emergency and launch a prison decree for extraordinary hiring with accelerated procedures and, at the same time, promote structural and overall reforms”, concludes De Fazio.