Villa Aurora and the accusation of environmental pollution: the Reggio Review cancels the seizure


By John

After a long deliberation, the Court of Review of Reggio Calabria canceled the preventive seizure applied for environmental pollution. According to the accusation, the Villa Aurora Hospital Clinic would have discharged the clinic’s waste water directly into the Petrara river, causing pollution of marine fauna and in particular of the Daphinia species.

The lawyers Perrone and Cavaliere – defenders of Dr. Giorgio Crispino and Dr. Scornaienchi, owners of the clinic – demonstrated that not only had the company’s administration given the task of carrying out the works to adapt the waste water discharge, but also that the Municipal administration of Reggio Calabria had completed the works of introducing said water into the municipal sewerage network. Therefore the water was treated downstream by the city purifier.

The Court of Review of Reggio Calabria therefore ordered the release of the shares relating to two companies and a clinic based in Rome which were always attributable in terms of ownership and management to the same group.