Villa, ultra-broadband operating in the industrial area and in Piale. The “Fermi” nautical institute is also covered by optical fiber


By John

The new public ultra-broadband telecommunications network created as part of the BUL (Ultra-Broadband) Plan has come into operation. The latest generation infrastructure has you covered 280 real estate unitsthrough the modality FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home, i.e. optical fiber extended right up to the inside of buildings) is the only one capable of providing connection speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second.


The municipal areas affected by the intervention are specifically the village of Piale and theindustrial area Corap. The telecommunications network extends for approximately 6 kilometers and, among other buildings, reaches in particular the“Fermi” Nautical Institute which will therefore be able to make use of all those high-tech services that were previously impossible to implement. The total amount of the project is approximately 300 thousand euros.


The work was conducted by Open Fiber, a joint-stock company called upon to create the infrastructure that allows citizens and businesses to access the Internet with effective and cutting-edge performance. The resources allocated do not burden the Municipality's budget: the infrastructure is in fact financed with regional and state funds and will remain public property. The activities are coordinated by Infratel Italyan “in house” company of the Ministry of Economic Development, with the careful supervision of Calabria region.


«Thanks to the FTTH network and the Open Fiber cabling project, the industrial area of ​​Villa and the hamlet of Piale – areas so far on the margins of the digitalisation process – are equipped with a network ultrabroadband capable of delivering ever-increasing volumes of data traffic. This thus allows citizens, economic operators and entities present in those areas to finally be able to compete on an equal footing with other territories more interested in technological investments in the past”, explains Giuseppe Crupi, field manager of the company led by CEO Giuseppe Gola


A very high capacity ultra-broadband network (Very High Capacity Network) makes it possible to enable services that have now become indispensable such as smart working, telemedicine or distance learning. Citizens and businesses in the industrial area and Piale can already use the new network through Open Fiber partner operators. In fact, the company creates the infrastructure but does not address users directly: you must first check on the site coverage of your address, then choose your preferred tariff plan from the various offers and contact one of the available operators to then start browsing at high speed.