War in the Middle East, agreement reached for a truce for another two days. Another 20 hostages will be released


By John

An Israeli source confirmed the agreement to extend the truce by two days. An agreement that provides for the release of another 20 hostages, 10 every day. Haaretz reports it.

Hamas receives list, 3 women and 30 minors released from prison today

Hamas said it has received the list of Palestinian detainees who will be released by Israel today. Al Jazeera reports it. According to the militiamen, the list includes three women – Yasmin Shaaban and Etaf Jaradat, both from Jenin, and Nufouth Hamad from Jerusalem – and 30 minors, whose names “will be made public later”.

Hamas begins handing over hostages to the Red Cross

Hamas has begun handing over the fourth tranche of hostages, 9 children and 2 women, to the Red Cross. This was reported by Israeli TV, citing al Jazeera as a source.

Hamas: “Willing to negotiate even on hostage soldiers”

Hamas has informed Egypt and Qatar that it has located more Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, Izzat Arshak, told Qatar’s Al-Arabi channel this evening. Haaretz reports it. Hamas, Arshak said, is willing to negotiate the release of Israeli soldiers held hostage, although negotiations have not yet begun. The negotiation on the military – he specified – will be separate from that on civilians and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is aware of this. Arshak also said that Hamas is still present in the northern Gaza Strip and is “controlling the situation.”

The US applauds the extension of the humanitarian truce in Gaza

The United States “welcomes the extension of the humanitarian truce in Gaza for another two days.” The spokesman for the American Security Council, John Kirby, said this in a briefing at the White House. “We naturally hope that it will be extended further”, he added, underlining that “President Joe Biden continues to work on this”.