Waste in Catanzaro: the construction of 13 underground platforms is underway


By John

Controlled waste disposal, the countdown may start in Catanzaro. In fact, work will start today for the construction of 13 underground platforms (seven in the historic center and six in the Lido district).

When finished they will be commercial activities that will have to change register first for the purposes of a transfer which will have to be done via magnetic card. In the background thereobjective of making Catanzaro a cleaner city.

To give the news theremunicipal councilor allEnvironment. Giorgio Arcurirecalling how last year he himself, together with the councilor of Reformisti Avanti, Stefano Veraldito urge this intervention, also announces theintention ofmunicipal administration «to evaluate theextension of the new delivery system to the entire population”. The councilor also underlines how it is a «success of the wholeadministration by Nicola Fiorita». The practice, launched but never taking off six years ago, in fact immediately became one of the priorities of the new mayor and his team and went ahead without any hitches despite the reshuffle of the council which also involved the delegation to theEnvironment.

Relaunched byformer branch councilor, Aldo Casalinuovo, it will therefore be completed by Arcuri who does not lose lopportunity to thank his predecessor and all those who, starting from the Hygiene sector directed by Antonio Dominianni, have played an active role in a project on which lThe Fiorita administration has believed since its inauguration as demonstrated by the timing which, at a short turnaround point, will allow the Municipality to archive the practice among the things done. Carrying out the works, for an amount of 2,016,175 euros excluding VAT financed with Por 2014/2020 funds, will be the responsibility of the temporary grouping of companies that won thecontract and made up of Ecologia solution Ambiente SpA, DBM International srl and Consorzio Stabile Infrastrutture Meridionali.

At the end, for the separate waste collection of a regional capital which already has important percentages, it will be time for a leap in quality which, as foreseen by the same contract, will also pass frompurchase of five unmanned roll-off ecological islands, for the disposal, especially during markets and fairs, of some secondary fractions of urban waste with identification of theuser. The Catanzaro of the future will therefore be a city devoted to a technology capable of extending the collection times which, while guaranteeing the total cleaning of streets and pavements, will bring a stop toincorrect waste disposal.