Waste, the mayor of Crotone: “No to other landfills: the Region applies the areal pressure factor”


By John

Based on current regional regulations, additional landfills for approximately 20 million cubic meters could be authorized in Crotone. On this assumption the mayor Vincenzo Voce renewed, with a detailed note, the invitation to the president of the Region, the president of the Regional Council, regional councilors and councilors to review the localization criterion “pressure factor” of the regional waste management plan.

Crotone – the mayor points out in the note – has a surface area of ​​182 square km, so further landfills could be authorized under the municipal factor currently in force in the Calabria region alone. It is necessary – continues the mayor in the note – following the example of the Lombardy Region apply the so-called “areal factor” which would avoid the danger of further and excessive concentrations of landfills in the city territory. The requests to the Region are clear in this sense: a new level of the exclusionary municipal pressure factor of an areal type calculated in a radius of 5 kilometers in addition to the two levels already foreseen (municipal and provincial) set at 64,000 cubic metres/square kilometres.

The mayor also requested the annual reconnaissance of closed landfill sites, post-operational management, with disposals completed or in progress, including unauthorized ones. Furthermore, the exclusionary prescriptive level entails the inhibition of the creation of new landfills and the expansion of existing ones.

“The Crotone area is subjected to strong environmental pressures deriving from the presence of an active landfill for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, as well as the presence of a disused landfill for urban waste, two seafront landfills currently subject to Mise emergency safety in addition to the fact that the the perimeter of the SIN for reclamation is characterized in the Crotone area by areas contaminated by catalyzed hydraulic conglomerate. There's enough to say enough is enough. The construction of other proposed disposal plants would be unsustainable from a social and economic point of view. I hope for a positive reflection on what is proposed by the President of the Region and the Regional Council on a topic that is of particular importance because it also impacts the health of Crotone citizens for years to come” declares Mayor Voce