Weather: temperatures dropping throughout Italy today and tomorrow, then the heat will return


By John

Cooler weekend with temperatures that will tend to drop, thunderstorms and rain. According to the forecasts of the Italian Meteo Center, the weather conditions are worsening on our peninsula due to the entry of a vast depression trough on the central Mediterranean. Thunderstorms that will also be intense and locally of a stormy nature especially on the sectors of the medium-high Adriatic side. Thermal drop between today and tomorrow which will affect all of Italy with values ​​a few degrees below the averages for the period. According to the latest updates from the CMI, next week will begin with the weather improving throughout the peninsula even if instability will always be lurking above all in the central-northern reliefs, temperatures recovering but on average or just below until mid-week.

But forecasts indicate an expansion of the African anticyclone with a possible heat wave on the weekend preceding August 15tha heat wave that at the moment appears to be of moderate intensity.


Still unstable weather during the day in the North-East regions where showers and scattered thunderstorms will be possible. Drier in the North-West with more clear areas. Dryer weather everywhere from the evening with cloudiness alternating with large clearings.


Day marked by unstable weather in the central regions with irregular cloudiness both in the morning and in the afternoon associated with scattered rain and showers. More probable phenomena in inland areas and Adriatic sectors. Gradual exhaustion of phenomena in the evening.


Irregular cloudiness in the morning over the southern regions with local rainfall over Puglia and Calabria, dry variability elsewhere. Between the afternoon and evening, phenomena are still possible, especially in inland areas of Campania, Molise and Puglia, with more lightening arriving elsewhere. Temperatures decreasing sharply in both minimum and maximum values ​​from North to South.

Weather forecast for Sunday:


Stable weather in the morning in the northern regions with large areas of clear sky everywhere, local rains only in Friuli Venezia-Giulia. Between the afternoon and evening, instability is increasing in the Triveneto area with the possibility of showers and scattered thunderstorms, more clearings elsewhere. IN THE CENTER Day marked by stable weather in Central Italy with clear skies or at least few clouds both in the morning and in the afternoon. Between the evening and the night, dry weather conditions resumed with extensive clearings everywhere.


Stable weather conditions throughout the day in the South with clear skies or few clouds both in the morning and in the afternoon. No variation in the evening and night with mostly clear skies everywhere. Minimum temperatures decreasing further and maximum temperatures generally recovering across the Peninsula.