Municipality of Vibo, end of council with pitfalls. Rebalancing plan and debts on the table


By John

The final glimpse of the council represents, without a doubt, the most difficult obstacle to overcome for the mayor of the city and for the administration as a whole. The provisional cut of the Giunta, with the resignation of the “Città Futura” group, would place a tombstone on the mandate of the mayor Maria Limardo and the external support that Vito Pitaro’s group will guarantee from here on conditionally places the head of the executive in a situation of absolute uncertainty.
Autumn, in this sense, could prove to be decisive for understanding how many chances the mayor has of leading the ship into port, escaping the winter seas. One of the main test beds could be the new rebalancing plan that the Authority is developing to try to make up for the “monstre” deficit of around 31 million, according to the figures provided by the budget commissioner Maria Teresa Nardo. The offices of the “Luigi Razza” building, coordinated by the councilor for financial affairs and taxes, the Unical teacher Maria Teresa Nardo.
If the rebalancing plan, however, were to be submitted to the scrutiny of the Council Chamber, the risks for the Administration would increase dramatically. On the other hand, few would be willing to vote for an insidious practice and not without possible consequences for those who were to approve it. Otherwise, should the assembly vote prove unnecessary, the mayor could navigate more calmly towards the conclusion of the mandate, scheduled for next spring.