Wind farm, the opposition tries to “flush out” the mayor of Chiaravalle


By John

Everything was already planned. A quick meeting is expected on the agenda of next Monday’s City Council. Mayor Domenico Donato issued the notices with just one point, that of a ratification of the 2023 budget change adopted by the council in a session last October. Nothing else.
For the administrators of the municipal headquarters in via Castello it will be a meeting to fire everything in a heartbeat, without taking into account the requests of the opposition councilors Giuseppe Rauti of the “Chi.Ce” group, Vito Maida of “United to unite” and of Concetta Cardamone of Forza Italia.
Until yesterday evening, they had hoped that their point would be included, regarding the affair linked to the “Torre di Ruggiero – Chiaravalle – Petrizzi” wind farm. Instead, nothing has been achieved from a political point of view compared to the expectations of the opposition. Among the opposing factions, even those who expected a last City Council session in 2023 focused on the government action of the executive in office were disappointed.