Ali’s man disappeared into thin air while going to Belgium: the search for Giuseppe Bonanno begins


By John

There is no further news of Giuseppe Bonanno, born on 6 February 1962, retired, resident in the hilly town of Aliese in via Cappuccini. He left Messina on Tuesday 12 December with a coach from the German low-cost company Flixbus, headed to Belgium, to Brussels North, where he was supposed to arrive two days later, around 8.30 in the morning, to spend the Christmas holidays in the company of his brother and his family. But no trace of him has been lost. The Messina-Brussels route included a bus change in Turin. Nicknamed Pepino, Aliese is a subject with a mild disability and wears a hearing aid in his left ear due to incipient deafness. Sia his family, both the Municipality of Alì and the Belgian authorities have reported his disappearance and are taking action using all possible media channels to track down testimonies of those who might have some news about him.