Work at the port of Catanzaro, further funds are needed. The role of ministerial prescriptions


By John

It wasn’t a walk in the park before but it isn’t a walk in the park either. The completion of the port of Lido confirms itself as a weighty intervention not only in terms of technical numbers but also in its bureaucratic aspects. Almost a year after obtaining the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), with prescriptions, from the technical commission of the Ministry of the Environment, the goal of starting the works is certainly in sight but it is still necessary to define “details ” of no small importance.
With the Road in hand, the offices of the Major Works sector, led by the manager Giovanni Laganà, have started the recalculation of the expected costs, while working on the hypothesis of a tender procedure: it is not a question of building a bridge or asphalting a road, there is a 20 million euro investment which will have to intervene on a delicate ecosystem such as the coastal one to create a strategic infrastructure for the fate of the seaside district and, obviously, of the capital itself. This is why the Fiorita administration – the delegation for port policies is in the hands of the deputy mayor Gusy Iemma – is also thinking about the type of contract to be adopted. As already reported in these columns, the most popular hypothesis would be that of construction plus concession, thus encouraging the quality of the works and therefore being able to count on an operational port as soon as the interventions are completed.