Years of violence, including sexual, against his wife: an 80-year-old arrested in Strongoli


By John

Two restrictive measures carried out by the Strongoli police against individuals under investigation for the crime of domestic abuse against their partners. This is the case of a man, a thirty-year-old of Georgian origins who, under the influence of narcotic substances, repeatedly attacked and threatened his partner, regardless of the presence of his little nine-month-old son in the house: for him the investigating judge of Crotone issued the precautionary measure of removal from the family home and a ban on approaching places frequented by the offended person. Furthermore, the soldiers of Strongoli, in the Marina hamlet, subjected a man of around eighty years of age to the precautionary measure of house arrest who, however, according to the reconstruction, had mistreated and subjected his wife, who remained in silence for a long time for fear of retaliation.