New packaging machinery at Amazon: adapt paper to content


By John

Amazon is testing new packaging machinery in Europe and the United States they allow you to create paper bags that adapt perfectly to the product and therefore reduce the packaging volume for thousands of items.
Using a built-in sensor, the machine scans items such as video games, kitchen utensils, sports equipment and office supplies (which were previously shipped in cardboard-wrapped boxes) and calculates the volume of paper needed to package these products securely. Each bag is sealed with heat sealing technology that allows for quick and precise packaging, minimizing empty space around the contents. No glue is required to seal the packaging, further reducing the resources used.

By packaging the items in fully recyclable lightweight paper packages, made to measure and without the need for padding, these new machines help eliminate on average more than 26 grams of packaging per shipment. The lightweight paper bags used by Amazon are up to 90% lighter than cardboard boxes of the same size.
Amazon packaging engineers created this technology by redesigning machinery that once produced plastic packaging and was decommissioned when the company stopped packaging items shipped from its distribution centers in single-use plastic bags. Europe.
“We are constantly innovating, testing and gaining new insights when it comes to packaging solutions for our customers,” said Thais Blumer, head of Amazon’s Sustainable Packaging division in Europe. “Our experiments already demonstrate that this technology is efficient, safe and reliable for use on a larger scale.”