«Zagara Miele e Sale»: Sicily conquers the Vertical Music Fest. Angela Nobile from Syracuse speaks


By John

Angela Nobile from Syracuse wins the «Vertical Music Fest», the event promoted by Rai dedicated to the world of music with videos shot in vertical format which was held at CasaSanremo during the days of the Festival. Angela, together with the lyric soprano Barbara Catera, friend and vocal coach, won the unpublished section with «Zagara Miele e Sale» and took third place in the published section with «Trudati di te» (a text on eating disorders). Angela Nobile (now with the stage name of LaNobileA) had already been in the City of Flowers when Claudio Baglioni was the artistic director, but that time for the selection for «Sanremo Giovani» she had stopped at the final stage with the song «Un emptiness at the heart ». «I’m happy because we won with two songs, but first place was won by a song that I particularly feel. Today I am more aware of who I want to be musically and “Zagara Miele e Sale” represents me a lot».

Do you like being more of a songwriter or singer?
«By being a singer-songwriter you are saying something that is yours, that belongs to you: when a piece is mine I feel more free. Being able to say what I feel. I experience a song not written by me with greater respect. “Zagara Miele e Sale”, which will be released in March, is what I think of my island full of contradictions that I carry with me and in my opinion those who, like me, love Sicily also think so. The video was made by Just Maria from Palermo who were really good.”

«Zagara, Miele e Sale» talks about Sicily but not only…
«I would say that it speaks of the condition that pushes me to always stay here. I go and come back. I leave, I stay away for a month and I come back: I am tied to its light, its smells, its flavours. I am absolutely in love with Sicily. And I know that all the people who come here at least once despite the negativity that we continually repeat, because complaining is part of our nature, have fallen in love. And when they retire they buy a house in Sicily because there is a completely different atmosphere here. So apart from the online vote, and I thank the many who supported us on this journey, there was a technical jury that understood the message I wanted to send.”

A contagious smile, a powerful but delicate voice, a charge of sympathy in Angela Nobile who made herself known to the general public on television and boasts several collaborations: «The Voice» the Rai 2 talent show, in the JAx team; competitor of the talent show «Tu si que vales» with 93 percent of the votes and convincing three out of four judges; she opened concerts for J-Ax and Mario Biondi. Angela has two albums under her belt, «Acqua» and «WonderGirl», which are diametrically opposed: the first, with a soulful soul, bears the signature in the lyrics of Lorenzo Vizzini (Sicilian from Ragusa, author of songs for Ornella Vanoni, Marco Mengoni and lastly also «Superheroes» for Mr Rain). Among the tracks also a duet with Mario Incudine. While in the second, produced by Rory Di Benedetto, the more pop-dance soul emerges: songs written by Angela herself with Barbara Catera, with lyrics also by Mario Biondi. Also included in the album is the single “Fidati di te” which achieved extraordinary results. A third album and songs in Sicilian are in the works.

Barbara Catera is always next to you.
«Barbara is my vocal coach, a friend, and we wrote everything together: she has a more academic background, she studied at the Conservatory. I, on the other hand, write quickly and am more emotional. She is a lyric soprano and little by little we thought of including some parts sung by her. Both in “Parole a mezzo” and especially in this “Zagara, Miele e Sale”, her voice is present and makes the song even more powerful».