Zauli’s Crotone remains ill. Only a home draw with Cerignola


By John

Crotone- Audace Cerignola 1-1

Markers: 45’st Ruggiero, 46’st Gomez

Crotone (4-2-3-1): Dini 4; Leo 5.5, Bove 5.5 (42’st Papini sv), Loiacono 6.5, Giron 7; Petriccione 5 (19’st Felippe 6.5), Vitale 5.5; D’Ursi 5.5 (42’st Cantisani sv), D’Errico 5.5 (19’st Vuthaj 5.5), Tribuzzi 5.5; Tumminello 5.5 (29’st Gomez 7). All. Zauli 5

Audacious Cerignola (4-3-2-1): Krapikas 6.5; Rizzo 6 (36’st Tentardini sv), Ligi 7, Martinelli 7, Russo 6.5; Sainz Maza 6.5 (15’st Tascone 6), Capomaggio 6.5, Ghisolfi 6.5 (15’st Ruggiero 7); D’Andrea 6(28’st D’Ausilio 6.5), Neglia 6; Malcore 6 (28’st Sosa 6). All. Tisci 6.5

Referee: Crezzini from Siena 5.5

Note – booked: Petriccione, Bove, Krapikas. Tickets n 844 grossing 5,512.00. Subscribers 3,306 with an accrual of 10,583.65. Total titles 4,150 collections 16,095.65. Angles: 8-6. Recovery: 2’pt, 5’st

Bad, actually very bad! The reaction expected from Crotone after the defeat at Francavilla did not happen. Indeed, we saw a team in confusion, with an opponent who made himself dangerous every time he had the ball in his hands. It all happens at the end when Dini sensationally lets a harmless shot from former player Zak Ruggiero pass over his head. Crotone responded immediately with Gomez hitting one of Giron’s many crosses into the net. But in the final it was Cerignola who hit the crossbar with D’Ausilio. There is so much to reflect on at the rossoblu’ that by continuing like this they are starting to lose ground heavily towards their direct competitors for the top areas of the table