10% discount in supermarkets and discount stores throughout Italy: this is what the pact against high spending and anti-inflation provides


By John

In an economic context characterized by growing challenges, Italy is looking for solutions to relieve the pressure on families. From 1 October to 31 December 2023, an unprecedented initiative will take place discount stores, supermarkets and superstores offer significant discounts on consumer goods. The “anti-inflation pact” is a concerted attempt to combat soaring inflation that is eroding consumers’ purchasing power.

The national retail scene, with giants such as Esselunga, Conad and Carrefour, has demonstrated remarkable cohesion in supporting this cause. The goal is to offer discounts that could reach the 10%extending these reductions to almost the entire Italian sales network. A strategy that not only guarantees immediate savings for families, but could also incentivize spending, giving an essential boost to the country’s economy.

Of course, to ensure that these discounts are sustainable and have a significant impact, the collaboration of producers it is essential. And, in this regard, the first reactions have been promising. Big brands in the Italian food scene, such as Barilla and Lavazza, already seem ready to collaborate. An encouraging sign that suggests a collective and integrated response to the inflationary crisis.

According to the association Assoutientsthis initiative could result in average savings of 100 euros per family, exclusively on food expenditure. A figure which, if added to the entire Italian population, represents a potential infusion of billions into the economy, not to mention the indirect effects on consumer confidence and the market in general.

And while the initiative has been welcomed with enthusiasm, it is also essential to proceed with caution. L’National Consumers Union underlined the importance of monitoring products with high price volatility, ensuring that the proposed discounts are actually beneficial to consumers.