Joy explodes at Crotone: Gomez leads the way against a struggling Sorrento


By John


MARKERS: 23’pt Gomez,

CROTONE (4-2-3-1): Dini 6; Leo 6 (30’st Spaltro 6), Loiacono 6.5, Gigliotti 6.5, Giron 6.5; Petriccione 7, Felippe 6.5 (40’st D’Errico sv); Pannitteri 6.5 (21’st Giannotti 6), D’Ursi 6.5 (21’st Vitale 6), Tribuzzi 6; Gomez 7 (40’st Vuthaj sv). All. Zauli 6.5

SORRENTO (4-3-3): Marcone 5.5; Vitiello 5.5 (35’st Todisco sv), Blondett 5.5, Panelli 4.5, Loreto 5.5 (25’st Martignago 5.5); Messori 5(35’st Bonavolontà sv), De Francesco 5.5, Cuccurullo 5.5 (17’st Fusco 5.5); Vitale 6, Ravasio 5.5, Scala 5.5 (25’st Colombini 5.5). All. Maiuri 5.5

REFEREE: Virgil of Trapani 5.5

WARNED: Scala, Dini, De Francesco, D’Errico, Bonavolontà, Tribuzzi,

EXPELLED: at 12’st Panelli due to a yellow card

NOTE: observed 1′ of silence in memory of Giorgio Napolitano.

Tickets n 633 grossing 3,949.00

Subscribers 3,341 with an accrual of 10,710.69

Total titles 3,974 collections 14,659.69

Corners: 4-1

Recovery: 1’pt, 7’st

The Crotone beats the Sorrento and wins his first victory in front of his own audience. Match winner of the evening is Guido Gomez who in the 23rd minute realized a splendid suggestion from Petriccione with a header. 12′ into the second half Sorrento remain with ten men due to the expulsion of Panelli for the sum of a yellow card but the Pythagoreans are unable to exploit their numerical superiority to double their lead and close the match as soon as possible. However, it ends with a narrow victory for the rossoblù who rise to 7 points, while for the coastal team it is the fourth defeat in five matches.