25-year-old dancer died after eating a peanut biscuit. Collected 500 packs


By John

25-year-old English dancer Orla Baxendale suffered from a severe peanut allergy. The young woman is died last January 11th in America after ingesting a biscuit “that did not contain dried fruit”, at least according to what could be read on the ingredients label. As reported by the American media, the young woman, who lived in New York, had purchased the Vanilla Florentine Cookies in a ‘Stew Leonard’s’ grocery store in the state of Connecticut.

According to the family of the unfortunate woman, Ora was “strongly allergic to peanuts” and for this reason she was “very careful with everything she ate, she always checked the labels”. He also “always carried” an EpiPen (adrenaline auto-injector) with him and “surrounded himself with people who knew how to administer one,” his lawyer said. “After he began having an anaphylactic reaction, it was used an EpiPen but, due to the severity of his allergy, it was not effective,” he added.

Over 500 packs collected

After the tragedy, Stew Leonard’s recalled over 500 packages of candy products that were on sale in their stores in Connecticut, warning in a note that “all consumers with peanut allergies should return the cookies for a full refund” https:// gazzettadelsud.it/articoli/mondo/2024/01/27/ballerina-di-25-anni-died-after-having-eaten-a-biscuit-alle-peanuts-ritirate-500-confezioni-27fd278b-fefe-4e3d- b3c9-31a6976892f7/.”The biscuits contain undeclared peanuts and eggs. People with an allergy or severe sensitivity to peanuts or eggs are at risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reactions if they consume these products. One death has been reported which may be associated with the mislabeled product,” noted Meghan Bell, director of public relations for Stew Leonard’s. “The correct wording of all ingredients on labels is fundamental – commented Manisha Juthani, commissioner of the Department of Public Health -, it is the only way to protect people with very serious allergies like this. We will continue to work with all our partners, including restaurants and retailers, to increase awareness on this issue and ensure that the rules are always followed.”