Milleproroghe Decree. The center-right insists on making doctors work until they are 72


By John

From raising doctors’ pensions to football to the plastic tax. The parties put down on paper their proposed changes to the Milleproroghe decree. Some had been announced, others are new. All of them will have to be examined for admissibility by the presidencies of the Budget and Constitutional Affairs commissions of the Chamber where the decree is being discussed. Meanwhile, the energy decree includes a stop to the tax on renewables. Among the proposed changes to the Milleproroghe comes the one announced by the majority of a criminal shield for doctors and nurses until 31 December 2024 as well as the one that raises the retirement age of health workers. Four amendments presented by FdI, FI and Lega ask to raise the maximum length of time in service for medical and healthcare managers from 70 to 72 years. One raises the limit for retention in service, even for those who have been “retired from 1 September 2023” and the other allows NHS companies, until 31 December 2025, to retain medical and healthcare managers in service up to 72 years old.

The League asks to raise the ceiling included in the maneuver from 70 to 72 years, while Fi also asks to leave the 70 years for nurses. There are several proposed changes on the issue of waiting lists. The bipartisan proposals to refinance the funds for the fight against eating disorders with 10 million for each of the years 2023 and 2024 were then confirmed, a point to which Minister Schillaci himself had committed. Forza Italia, as announced, proposes, with an amendment signed by Annarita Patriarca, the restoration of benefits for athletes returning to Italy. As well as, with a proposal first signed by the group leader Paolo Barelli, the request to postpone the entry into force of the plastic tax from July to October. Naturally, the Superbonus chapter cannot be missing among the party amendments.

The League requests that the 110% extension for the territories affected by the earthquake also be extended to the territories affected by exceptional meteorological events and for which a state of emergency has been declared, such as Marche, Emilia and Tuscany while M5s requests the extension of the 110% for condominiums until March. It must be said, however, that the bonus is the subject of a separate provision on which a majority technical meeting will be held tomorrow after Fratelli d’Italia presented and then withdrew an amendment for a two-month extension for those who have completed at least 70 % some jobs. Meanwhile, some news arrives on the energy front. The League announces the cancellation of the annual contribution of 10 euros per kilowatt for electricity production from renewable sources with a power exceeding 20kW. This is what the Pd and M5s define as a reverse. The law – they highlight – was unanimously approved by the Council of Ministers and the “sacrosanct” stop came thanks to the forcing of the opposition.