A 2024… to browse: from Murgia to Avallone the most anticipated in bookshops


By John

Michela Murgia unpublished in a posthumous pamphlet on parenting. The great return of much-loved characters such as the lawyer Guido Guerrieri created by Gianrico Carofiglio which we find again after five years in «The horizon of the night» (Einaudi Stile Libero Big) and by Carlo Monterossi who in the TV series based on the books of Alessandro Robecchi has the face of Fabrizio Bentivoglio. They are among the most anticipated novelties of the first months of 2024 in bookstores.
The novels by also stand out among the top titles of the new year Silvia Avallone, Pino Cacucci and Chiara Valerio, the latter making her debut in Sellerio with a black story, «Who says and who is silent», which takes us to Scauri, in Lazio, where the writer was born and where Vittoria, who died in her tub, chose to live from the bathroom. Could it have been a stupid accident? While Antonio Manzinithe creator of the deputy commissioner Schiavone, enters the Mondadori crime catalog with “All the details in the news”, a story that questions the balance between law and justice.
In the last weeks of her life Michela Murgia, who died on August 10th, collected her thoughts in «Dare la vita» (Rizzoli), which will be released on January 9th by Alessandro Giammei. Can we be mothers of daughters and sons who choose themselves and who in turn have chosen us? Is it possible to build a family without blood ties? Family queerness is a reality and facing it is now a political necessity, says the writer in these pages which allow us to enter into the infinite facets of affection.
The attentive and light-hearted observer of the “lives of others”, Carlo Monterossi in “Red Fish” (Sellerio) investigates with his gang an enigmatic theft in a large and prestigious company in the increasingly ferocious Milan narrated by Robecchi. The friendly Marshal Gino Clemente also returns in «The Heart is a Gypsy» (Mondadori) by Luca Bianchini and this time he is dealing with a new investigation and an unexpected transfer to the North. Sellerio also offers a new edition of «A Saturday, with friends» by Andrea Camilleri which will be released accompanied by a note from Nicola Lagioia.
At the end of January, «Cuore nero» (Rizzoli), the new novel by Silvia Avallone, a story of condemnation and salvation that investigates the darkest and deepest cracks, but also the light of the soul through the meeting of Emilia and Bruno in Sassaia, a tiny village nestled in the mountains. Also expected are «Marabecca» (The Ship of Theseus) by the writer from Catania, young but with an already mature and much appreciated voice, Purple Gradea visionary novel, set in an asphyxiated and mythological Sicily, which asks crucial questions about identity, and «Alma» (Feltrinelli) by Federica Manzon which takes us to Trieste where three days become the watershed between what has been and what will be. With «Small miracles and other betrayals» (Feltrinelli) Valeria Parrella he returns to the form of the story with which he made his debut and won the Campiello Prize for his first work. Following in the footsteps of his friend Sepulveda and transforming the fairy tale into history Pino Cacucci in «Dieguito and the Centaur of the North» (Mondadori) he tells the story of the revolutionary Pancho Villa. Also for Mondadori, a new novel, «Germanico», by Valerio Massimo Manfredi which goes back to ancient Rome.
In February we expect for E/O the most daring and surprising novel by one of the best writers of his generation, «Error 404» by Sacha Naspini and «La condemnation» (Rizzoli) by will be released in March Walter Veltroniwhich takes us back to Rome in 1944. We’ll have to wait a bit, but Harper Collins’ “The Book of Impossible Love” by Giuseppe Culicchiaset in eighteenth-century Naples.
In 2024 Feltrinelli will launch a new series: the «Tagli», irregular books, novels, memoirs and posters that tell stories of this time. Among the first titles «We want everything. Chronicles from an indifferent society” by Flavia Carlini and «Communism in Times Square» by Giada Biaggi.
In 2024 we celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of Marco Polo (1324-2024) and for the anniversary «Il Milione. The detailed description of the world” in the new translation of Giordano Tedoldiwith the introduction of Renata Pisu and with a text by Giovanni Montanaro. The author of «Everything asks for salvation» Daniele Mencarelli is measured with two narrative poems in «Of lovers, not of heroes» (Mondadori). Precious is the anthology of a great poet from Messina, who passed away in 2016 and was invisible in bookstores for too many years, «A schiere le parole» (MarcosyMarcos) by Yolanda Insanaedited by Anna Mauceri. And Bompiani proposes the «Songs of gratitude» by Franco Arminio.