Reggio, Palazzo San Giorgio puts the multi-storey Girasole building up for auction

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By John

The deadline for submitting offers expires on January 31st. The Municipality is putting up for sale one of the properties symbolizing a season of hopes and ambitions: the Girasole. The structure built in the nineties through the resources of the Reggio Decree, inaugurated in 2006, Il Girasole was supposed to be a commercial hub for fairs, events and markets. The idea was to give a roof to the operators “evicted” by the redevelopment of Piazza Orange. But very little remains of those aspirations. After decades, the skeleton of a building remains, looted and vandalised. It has become a refuge for many desperate people looking for a roof.
So the Municipality chose to auction it for 3.8 million euros. Yet just a few years ago it was thought to enhance this precious resource of the organisation’s real estate assets. It was planned to use the structure as the headquarters of the in-house Hermes company. But then that project too was shelved.