A “cinema spring” in Italy, or rather in Calabria: starting tomorrow in Cosenza the event created by Pino Citrigno


By John

Italian cinema is experiencing a long spring. The data is reassuring. Italian cinema is constantly on the rise and, year after year, it gains new acclaim and continues to increase its popularity in the world cinema scene. A few days before the Venice Film Festival, a new showcase opens, which will have Cosenza and Calabria as its stage. The tempting opportunity is here «Spring of Cinema»created by Pino Citrigno, president of Anec Calabria and remembered as the person who brought about a very important turning point and great dynamism to the Calabria Film Commission, which he chaired between 2016 and 2020.

It was at the press conference yesterday presented the complete calendar of guests and screenings from tomorrow to September 23rd. The meeting was attended by Sarino Branda, director of Confindustria, Nicola Paldino, president of Bcc Mediocrati, and Anton Giulio Grande, commissioner of the Calabria Film Commission. The patron of the event revealed the guests who will parade on the red carpet of the Rendano Theater on the final evening of September 23rd: in addition to the artistic director Massimo Galimberti, there will be prominent names such as Lodo Guenzi, Pupi Avati, Edoardo Leo, Pilar Fogliati, Francesco Di Leva, Fortunato Certlino, Mario Martone, Roberto Andò, Giulia Andò, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Alessandro Grande and Marco Bellocchio.

«The festival will also have a national preview with the screening of “Gran Turismo” a film directed by Neil Blomkamp which boasts Orlando Bloom among its actors”, said Citrigno, and added that «Francesco Graziani, the world champion, will participate in the evening dedicated to the screening of the documentary “Paolo Rossi: The man, the champion, the legend”.
But there will also be a surprise, a further guest, an Italian actor of international caliber, whose name is still shrouded in mystery.

«The Spring of Italian Cinema is a festival of great importance and prestige, which this year reaches its tenth edition. After being on hold since 2016, it is back with a very interesting program of the highest cultural level”, said Anton Giulio Grande, who also underlined the importance of this festival and its significance for the Region. Grande also highlighted that Calabria Film Commission has financed 18 film festivals and 11 cultural events, demonstrating the Region’s commitment to the film sector.

«Giuseppe Citrigno, former president of Calabria Film Commission, created a masterpiece with the Primavera del Cinema Italiano, which represents the culmination of all the festivals held in this region», he added. And then he added very important data: «In Calabria there are currently fifty film sets, some of which have already been completed, others are underway and others still have to start. This is a very positive moment for Calabria and especially for the Film Commission, which continues to promote and support the film industry in the region”, concluded Grande.

We start tomorrow with great films, all super award-winning: at 5.30pm, at the Cinema San Nicola, «Rapito» by Marco Bellocchio; at 8pm, at the Cinema Citrigno, «The Eight Mountains» by Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch; at 10.30pm “La Stranezza” by Roberto Andò. On Saturday, the greatest Italian costume designer, Massimo Cantini Parrini, will host a masterclass (5pm at the Moema Academy headquarters in Corso Trieste) entitled: “Stage costumes in cinema”.