Cosenza: twist at the maxi trial, Francesco Greco repents, while Roberto Porcaro announces that he no longer wants to collaborate


By John

The land of repentants and sensational reverses. Cosentino boasts the highest number of justice collaborators in Calabria. The last to take the plunge was Francesco Greco, 50 years old, trusted right-hand man of the repentant boss Roberto Porcaro. Both are accused in the Reset maxi-trial conducted against the gangs operating in Rende and Cosenza by the Catanzaro DDA. Greco talks about the affairs of the ndrine in the capital of Bruzio: extortion, drug trafficking, usury and management of gambling.

In the meantime, however, his old boss Porcaro speaks in the courtroom and declares that he wants to interrupt the collaborative relationship with the State, revoking the current defender and announcing that he is ready to appoint a new trusted lawyer.