A confident Reggina takes on Siracusa, today’s big match. Probable lineups


By John

It’s the day of the big match Syracuse-Reggina. Appointment at 2.30pm. The Amaranths want to follow up on the latest performances which yielded five wins and a draw. The team is healthy, even if it won’t be an easy match against the Aretusei. The public for special occasions is expected in the stands. Fans will also arrive from Calabria.
Trocini, as usual, met the journalists in the Sant’Agata press room, asking his boys for a test of character: «We will find – he began – a fierce opponent who has done practically nothing wrong. The performance of the biancazzurri is of a high level and the defeat against Igea Virtus does not erase the good things that have been achieved so far. Beyond everything, we will try to achieve a positive result and, in this sense, I remain confident because the team is healthy. We are growing as demonstrated in the last month and a half.”

On the lack of incisiveness in attack he added: «We need more malice in front of goal. Sometimes we get the decisive step wrong». He then spoke about Adejo, ready to take the field: «Daniel is a serious professional who has never stopped working. He is available and he could even start from the beginning.” On the eleven to oppose the Aretusei: «Porcino has recovered. I could announce the lineup. However, I prefer not to say too much since others are listening to us too. Mungo, Renelus and Rosseti will be missing. Zanchi, however, is better and Dervishi is also on the road to recovery. I will make my assessments also taking into account the unders to be fielded.” Will it be Martinez’s turn again in goal, or will Velcea return? “I understand the disappointment of those left out, but the rules force me to make painful choices.” The question comes about Bolzicco, fresh from a lackluster period: «Tommy is good at creating spaces. He attacks the ball and for us he is a precious element. He had to settle in and gradually he began to know our language. When I led Rende I had Goretta who also came from abroad. He ended his first season scoring five goals, while the following year he scored twenty, confirming that foreign players need to be given time to adapt.” “False nine” hypothesis? Trocini seems tickled by the idea: «In that role we have Marras, Lika, Provazza and Perri who know how to attack depth. It could be a solution.”
The coach touched on the topic of fans: «They will be numerous. There were many against San Luca and I can only thank them for the contribution they are making. To achieve certain objectives we cannot give up their support.” He took his leave by drawing up an initial assessment of his stay on the shores of the Strait: «I admit that the past months have been complicated due to the lack of preparation. It’s a shame for the points lost between September and October. Despite the difficulties, I feel satisfied because I coach a prestigious club. Reggio is a wonderful city which, moreover, I already knew.”