Rino Gattuso’s father and sister targeted by the ‘Ndrangheta: two arrests in Corigliano Rossano for extortion


By John

Threats and the fireat different times, of two cars parked under the house: Ida Gattusothe sister of the former footballer and now coach Rino Gattuso, has suffered first-hand the terror generated by the ‘Ndrangheta gangs that have always operated in the vast area of ​​Corigliano Rossano.

The mafia clans demanded payment of protection money in relation to the construction of a photovoltaic system in which the woman was interested. The fear generated by the attacks she had suffered and the threats she had received had led her to report everything to the police.

This morning the state responded with a blitz. Aldo Abbruzzese ended up in handcuffs51 years old, linked to organized crime and Mustapha Hamil, Moroccan, used as a “sidekick” to set fire to the victim’s cars in order to obtain payment for the extortion. The investigation that led to the arrest of Abbruzzese and Hamil was conducted by the Catanzaro anti-mafia prosecutor’s office, led by prosecutor Vincenzo Capomolla. The restrictive measures were carried out by the soldiers of the Territorial Department of Corigliano Rossano.

Ida and Rino Gattuso’s father had received a contribution of 80,000 euros to build a photovoltaic system on owned land. The ‘ndrangheta demanded payment of a bribe for the construction of the structure and made the extortion request through Aldo Abbruzzese. To get the Gattusos to give up, two cars belonging to the sister of the former world champion “ringhio” were burned. The victims’ report allowed investigators and the DDA to intervene and arrest those responsible.