A Medical conference on chronic acute respiratory failure


By John

“Chronic acute respiratory failure. Main clinical pictures and care pathways in hospital and territory”. This is the title of the important medical conference organized by the provider Xenia di Francesca Mazza scheduled for Friday and Saturday 17-18 May at Villa Fabiano. Scientific director is Dr. Roberto Ricchio. While the scientific secretariat is managed by Francesco Bellucci, Olga Cuccurullo, Marco Ricchio and Mara Volpentesta. The conference was accredited on Agenas and is sponsored by the hospital of Cosenza, the provincial order of surgeons and dentists of Cosenza, Sigot and the University of Calabria with the Department of Pharmacy and Health and Nutrition Sciences .

“Hypoxic and hypoxic-hypercapnic respiratory failure are very frequently encountered pathologies in the daily clinical practice of acute geriatrics departments,” we read in the scientific rationale. The causes of these clinical conditions must be immediately recognized in order to implement rapid and aggressive treatments.

“In recent years the clinical, instrumental and therapeutic approach has changed profoundly: thoracic ultrasound in expert hands allows the acquisition of rapid and precise information for the purpose of a possible invasive treatment. Non-invasive ventilation allows us to manage a large portion of patients previously destined for intubation with a consequent reduction in complications and mortality.” A separate chapter covers telemedicine which, in a crucial historical period in which artificial intelligence is bringing about an epochal turning point, during the course of the pandemic has in some cases allowed many patients to be managed directly at home with very significant drug-economic implications. relevant. The modern geriatric doctor must therefore possess adequate knowledge for the use of the many techniques and technologies which, in the past, were almost the exclusive prerogative of different specialties”, state the various speakers involved in the work sessions. “This course aims to provide information aimed at offering food for thought and discussion between experts for a modern and multidisciplinary professionalism”.