A new achievement for Cardiology from Castrovillari: tiny pacemaker implanted


By John

New conquest for Castrovillari Cardiology. Recently, in fact, it was a tiny pacemaker was implanted and is, among other things, characterized by the absence of wires. This is a revolutionary intervention modality compared to what has been available until now. No catheter in the body and not even a chest pocket to house it, it is practically “invisible” even to those who wear it. It weighs just a few grams and measures just over two centimeters.
Dr Giovanni Bisignani, assisted by Dr Cavaliere, Dr Mazziotti, Dr Madeo, head nurse Fiore and the nursing team, successfully carried out this exceptional operation. Dr. Erminia Sansone was also ready to deliver the new device. «The wireless pacemaker, inserted inside a flexible tube, is advanced – underlined by Castrovillari Cardiology – through the femoral vein until it reaches the cardiac cavity where, once correctly positioned, it is “screwed” into the cardiac muscle and programmed to allow the heart to beat regularly.”
This new device is equipped with a battery that lasts more than 10 years and has a fixing system that allows, at the end of the battery life, to remove it and replace it with a new device.