Walter Ignazitto new deputy prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, green light from the CSM plenum


By John

Green light from the plenum of the CSM, with only one abstention, for the appointment of the new deputy prosecutor of Reggio Calabria Walter Ignazitto. Among the management positions approved this afternoon by the plenum with a unanimous vote were the appointment of Cesare Zucchetti as the new president of the Caltanissetta court and of Mauro Pusceddu as head of the Nuoro court. Among the managerial positions also the one in which Patrizia Famà (approved with only one abstention) appointed president of the court for minors of Taranto, and that (approved unanimously) of Rosanna Venditti as head of the prosecutors for minors of Campobasso. As for the semi-managerial positions, the plenum by majority (with 21 votes in favour) approved the appointment of Francesco Zecchillo as the new president of the section of the Trani court, while the resolution relating to the appointment of Daniela Galeazzi as president received a unanimous green light. of section at the court of Palermo.