A new Province and two capitals: Crotone and Corigliano-Rossano


By John

A new Province with two heads: Crotone to the South and Corigliano-Rossano to the North. The project to build a large provincial area in a part of that territory which 25 centuries ago was referred to as “Magna Graecia”, has not been put away in the drawer by its promoters: first of all Domenico Mazza who summarized his idea in the volume “La Baia della Magna Graecia”.
The content of the book with the related project was at the center of a meeting held in the “Falcone e Borsellino” multipurpose room in Cutro. An attentive and interested audience followed the almost two hours of debate. After the mayor’s institutional greetings, Antonio Cerasowhich revealed the need to assemble territories to acquire greater political weight, the word was passed to Matteo Lauria which illustrated the validity of the project idea. The speaker, who is also the publisher of the book, clarified that the new Province would have a zero balance for the State. «A renewed body – he reiterated – which would arise from the ashes of the Province of Crotone to give space to a vast and homogeneous administrative project, founded on a double capital: Crotone to the south, Corigliano-Rossano to the north. A challenging idea, which in perspective would lay the foundations for opening up in a successful and motivated way towards an inter-regional metropolitan area within the Gulf of Taranto”.