He cuts down the tree of “Robin Hood”, 16 year old in handcuffs: the Sycamore Gap Tree was one of the centuries-old symbols of the United Kingdom


By John

The Sycamore Gap Treeone of the centuries-old trees symbolizing the United Kingdom which marks the ancient Roman border between England and Scotland represented by the so-called Hadrian’s Wallwas “deliberately knocked down” during the night and today a 16 year old boy ended up in handcuffs accused of having carried out the vandalism.

Northumbria Police Superintendent Kevin Waring called the tree “a world-renowned landmark” underlining that its loss had “caused significant shock, sadness and anger throughout the local community and beyond”. In fact, many on social media are also wondering what motivation there could be behind that gesture which deprived locals and tourists of a natural and landscape heritage that very often immortalized in photographs and also in films, such as the famous “Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves” with Kevin Costner.

Many inhabitants of the English county of Northumberland bordering Scotland went to the site, as if to pay homage to the Sycamore Gap Tree felled along the ruins of the stone fortification built by Emperor Hadrian. Meanwhile, the arrested teenager remains in custody for questioning by police.