A real tennis celebration was celebrated in Rende on the occasion of the arrival of the Davis Cup


By John

A party. The tennis festival took place yesterday inside the Chiappetta Sport Village in Rende. Athletes, balls, rackets, tracksuits, smiles, photographs. One, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred photos with that cup that is on display in the garden of an elegant and welcoming sports centre; it arrived on time Davis Cup at 11.00 on a warm, spring morning. The Davis Cup (for the first time in Calabria and Rende), precisely that, the cup won by Sinner and his companions in Malaga, the cup which, in the game of tennis, is equivalent to a real world championship where the player does not play only for himself, but he plays for his national team, for his team. A beautiful message that the very young athletes of Chiappetta have received through the stories of the teachers and parents who are passionate about tennis. There are the years, the victories of the various national teams and the history around the most beautiful salad bowl in the world. And after each photo… take the story, a memory of a final and of the great emotion that cup gave. And everyone's eyes shine. Because in front of that cup you dream and Joe Lappano, Fitp National Councilor and President of Fitp Calabria and Paolo Lorenzi, former tennis player (number 1 in Italy in 2016 and number 33 in the world in 2017) and now director of the Internazionali d'Italia know it well Bnl. And it is Paolo Lorenzi himself who compliments “the beauty of this club and the fantastic welcome. It's a great moment, the opportunity to bring the Davis Cup around Italy warms the souls of those who have always believed in tennis and undoubtedly brings enthusiasm among the very young. Here in Rende everything was beautiful. I have to say it was one of those days that I like…”. And it's already evening. The cup goes away, but the eyes of those children and the great passion for a sport that is all head, legs and heart remain.