Abraham Customer Care crisis, protest in Cosenza tomorrow. Occhiuto’s summons arrives


By John

In the wake of the initiatives started today in front of the operational headquarters of Abramo Customer Care in Montalto Uffugo, tomorrow 21 Decemberand in Piazza 11 Settembre at 10 am in Cosenza demonstration to confirm and reiterate the reasons for the protest. «Even more numerous and motivated – we read in a note from RSU, Slc CGIL, Fistel CISL, Uilcom UIL – to defend our work and our dignity».
Meanwhile, the regional secretariats of Slc CGIL, Fistel CISL, Uilcom UIL and UGL-Telecommunications have received a summons from the President of the Region Roberto Occhiuto. The meeting will be held on Friday morning and the Abraham dispute will be discussed.