The response of Schlein and M5s after Atreju: “Enough insults. Superbonus buffoonery”


By John

Giorgia Meloni “don’t continue to insult Italians.” The opposition’s response to Atreju’s final speech by the Prime Minister was not long in coming. As soon as the Fdi leader stepped off the stage at the Castel Sant’Angelo event, Elly Schlein responds to his attacks. «While it is celebrating in Atreju, the government leaves 900 thousand families in poverty without any kind of help, it raises funds from the poor only to finance its tax amnesties. Dear Giorgia, don’t continue to insult Italians”, says the secretary of the Democratic Party. «Once – says Schlein – it was said ‘panem et circenses’, you are taking away the bread from families. And just give a third-rate show with subversives who would like to hang people upside down. The limit is full, go back to work and take care of poor work: because it is you who lacked the courage to come to Parliament to vote against the minimum wage, you preferred to cancel the discussion. But you cannot cancel the problems of the Italians in your pathetic show.”

Harsh words, to which are added by return post those of the M5S. While the party of Giuseppe Conte He brands the centre-right’s attitude towards the superbonus as a “buffoonery”. Stefano Patuanelli defines them as “loose amateurs and cheaters”, Chiara Appendino He’s aiming head-first for the prime minister. «More and more between the pathetic and the desperate, the Prime Minister defines herself as serious and even austere because, having scuttled the Superbonus and the Citizen’s Income, she would have demonstrated that she is not throwing Italians’ money out the window. In reality, you don’t throw away the money because you take it directly from the pockets of Italians, as demonstrated by the Budget Law and all the lateral economic measures.”

AND Matteo Renzi use the “hook” of the dispute between Meloni and the influencer Chiara Ferragni to attack the prime minister in turn. «Artificial intelligence, aerospace, biotechnologies for the medicine of tomorrow: Italy needs a future. Giorgia Meloni instead talks about what really interests her: Chiara Ferragni’s pandoro”, claims the leader of Italia Viva, according to whom “the clash between the two social celebrities of the country is taking place: at Palazzo Chigi we have an influencer, not a Premier. And after more than a year of government the reforms have disappeared from the political agenda.”