Abramo Customer Care dispute, new meeting between the Calabria Region and trade unions to overcome the stalemate


By John

There Abramo Customer Care dispute has returned, in recent days, to the table of the Calabria Region, where the President of the Region, Roberto Occhiutoin remote connection, the Labor councilor Giovanni Calabreseand the director of the regional labor department, Roberto Cosentinothey met the regional secretariats of Slc-Cgil, Fistel-Cisl, Uilcom-UIL and Ugl Telecommunicationsto reiterate the Region’s interest in resolving in the best possible way a dispute involving hundreds of Calabrian families and workers for whom two extensions of three months each have already been obtained.

Occhiuto and Calabrese expressed maximum commitment and at the same time showed prudence in the continuation of the dispute, avoiding the possibility of always having to intervene with extensions.

The President of the Region, already in the last meeting on 17 January at the national table at the Mise, had hypothesized about creating the conditions for a new project on the activation of reskilling of the group’s workers in digitalisation programs and services for the public administration and for citizens.

At the same time, the path to follow with Tim is more imminent, intervening with funds on the digital transition to work on further orders.

Maximum availability on this was also expressed by the regional councilor for digital transition, Filippo Pietropaolo, and the open table with the Departments of work and digital transition and strategic activities, led by the respective managers Roberto Cosentino and Massimo Calabr√≤, confirms the Region’s commitment which is constantly and daily interfacing with the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy.

The unions expressed their applause to the Calabria Region for its active collaboration in resolving the Abramo Customer Care dispute with a possible and interesting far-sighted project, which could bring benefits to the entire sector and at the same time ask for pragmatism and speed in the dispute.