In Locride, 5 car washes were seized and 6 people reported


By John

Environmental irregularities in wastewater disposal. 5 car washes were seized and 6 people were reported, two of whom are Indian nationals. This is the outcome of the service arranged by the “Calabria” Carabinieri Legion Command, carried out by the soldiers of the Locri Company, aimed at controlling car wash activities and preventing and combating crimes in the environmental sector.

The checks made it possible to ascertain that the industrial waste water coming from car wash systems did not undergo the required purification treatmentsbeing illicitly and in the absence of the single environmental authorization released into the municipal sewerage network.

In particular, in Bovalino, the flow of vehicles coming from two private garages had aroused the suspicion of the military who, following the inspection, ascertained the existence of two illegal car washing businesses, ascertaining the spillage of industrial waste directly into the municipal sewers, and finding, in one of these, the presence of illegal connections to the water network and the electricity network. Also at two other car washes, respectively in Ardore and Platìfound to be without the required environmental authorization, the Carabinieri verified that the waste water was introduced, without any purification treatment, into the subsoil through wells equipped with grates. Finally, in Sidernothe soldiers of the local Carabinieri station ascertained that the car wash being checked, although equipped with filtering and drainage tanks, was found to lack the required authorization certifying the regular disposal of the resulting sludge, also confirming the presence of dangerous sewage .