“Abstractions of nature” at the Vittorio Emanuele Theater in Messina


By John

At 5.30 pm on Friday 19 January in the exhibition space on the first floor of the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele in Messina, as part of the “L’Opera al Centro” project, curated by Giuseppe La Motta, it will be inaugurated the exhibition entitled “abstractions of nature” by Pino Labarbera, with the critical text by Roberta Filardi. The extraordinary commissioner Orazio Miloro and the superintendent Gianfranco Scoglio will be present at the inauguration.

Pino Labarbera is an artist born in Reggio Calabria, where he currently lives and works. He studied at the State Institute of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria, subsequently becoming Full Professor of Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania. Labarbera works in the field of research and visual experimentation using different languages, from painting to engraving, from plastic works to installations. His artistic production is characterized by a marked symbolism that reflects an archetypal and anthropological vision of existence. He has participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy, obtaining various awards. His works are present in public and private collections, including museums and cultural institutions. Labarbera’s poetic research focuses on understanding the soul of the world or generating nature, through the dynamic use of color and artistic gesture. His production reflects a continuous evolution, ranging between measured compositions and meditative spatiality.

The art of Pino Labarbera is characterized by its versatility and creativity, orienting itself towards an iconic-formal analysis that explores the eternal relationship between man and nature. Labarbera poetically transforms natural elements, demonstrating a spiritual bond between the artist and natural reality, as well as exploring the existential condition through a personal language that evolves from figuration to abstraction. His works present a chromatic selection of Mediterranean origin, contributing to create an original iconographic repertoire. Labarbera engages in an evocative investigation of the mystery beyond the visible, exploring the poetic dimension of nature through a perspective that overcomes the fragmentation of reality. His creations include expressive paths that manifest themselves through arcane forms, mysterious structures and primitive views , like the series of volcanoes. These imaginative projections take place in a space suspended between the primordial energy of nature and the personal soul of the artist, trying to merge spiritual unity. Labarbera explores natural details, such as tree trunks or segments of the sea, with an attentive gaze that fixes visual memory and poetic transfiguration on the canvas. Through the dynamic use of color and gesture, the artist expresses the energy and internal tensions of his works, alternating between measured compositions and meditative spatialities. Labarbera’s expressive dialectics develops between dynamic tension and suspended calm, trying to measure the soul of the world or generating nature in the space-time of the canvas. His poetic research is oriented towards understanding the principle and the mystery beyond the visible, trying to intuit the eternal immanent.