Acquaformosa, pitbull bites two women: one is serious


By John

A 75-year-old woman and her daughter were injured – the elderly seriously – after being attacked by a pit bull. It happened in Acquaformosa, a municipality in the province of Cosenza. The animal, regularly detained and equipped with a microchip, according to what emerged, broke the chain that tied it and attacked the two women who had entered the property of one of their relatives to visit him. The seventy-five year old suffered injuries to her head, with the laceration of part of her scalp and to her left ear, while her daughter, who threw herself against the dog in an attempt to free her mother, was slightly injured in her hand. The police intervened on the spot the 118 health workers who immediately requested the intervention of the air ambulance which landed in an area near the place where the event occurred. The seventy-five year old was rescued and transported to the Cosenza hospital where she is hospitalized. The soldiers of the Castrovillari company have started investigations to reconstruct the exact dynamics of what happened. The pitbull specimen, from what has been learned, was subjected to health quarantine by the veterinary services of the provincial health authority of Cosenza.