Chef kills his partner. The suspicion of the investigators: “she wanted to cook her organs”


By John

Brutal murder in Bratislava. A chef suspected of having chopped up his girlfriend in the apartment the two shared in the Slovakian capital risks life in prison. In one room the officers found a bucket containing her intestines and other organs that the chef had extracted from the body of the woman identified by the name Patricia.

According to local media, the man, Jozef Hanuska, even intended to cook his organs with the intention of eating them. A chilling hypothesis that is not completely discarded by the investigators who are investigating at 360 degrees. Furthermore, the chef also allegedly placed a British passport on a sheet that covered the body on a bed. Horrified neighbors reported the couple’s constant arguments. One of them said that the chef had threatened several times to “take her head off”.

The couple also apparently had problems with alcohol. Other gruesome details have emerged in recent hours from this affair – which occurred almost a week ago – and which is shocking Slovakia. In fact, the investigations revealed a rather dramatic past concerning Hanuska’s father, Stefan Pantl, arrested in 1979 on charges of killing two women. For those facts the man, called the “Bratislava Strangler”, was executed.