Acr Messina, the sale of the company in detail. Sealed lips on the new ownership


By John

The negotiation between Messina president Pietro Sciotto and the foreign fund interested in entering the clubinitially with a majority share, will continue in the next few days when it will be necessary to formalize all the agreements reached in the past weeks. In particular, after the preliminary agreement, the foreign fund will probably have to present a surety bond, placed as a guarantee, necessary to demonstrate that it can maintain the commitments made to acquire the majority package. To the purchasing groupas specified in the press release issued yesterday evening, the task of identifying the new sporting directora more logical choice now, contrary, therefore, to what previously emerged, when everything suggested that it would be Pietro Sciotto who would do it.

The new sports director will have the task of shortening the already delayed sports programming. Also expected is a meeting with coach Giacomo Modica, confirmed by president Sciotto as head of the team, but without his contract having been filed yet.

On the table is the transfer campaign since Messina has only five players in the squad and does not yet know the location of the pre-championship retreat even if a first part, including the medical visits of the new members, could be carried out in the city. Then, the issue related to the youth sector that could be outsourced remains to be defined.
Sealed lips on the names of the new owners of Messinaa top secret negotiation that is proceeding step by step but that now will have to be accelerated even decisively given that the start of next season is not far away. The first round of the Italian Cup is on August 11th, the second the following Sunday and the start of the new tournament on the weekend of August 25th.