Administrative, a “double couple” for Gioia Tauro ALL LISTS


By John

It's official: with the presentation of the electoral lists, the race for the city's new mayor has begun. At the frenetic pace of a marathon, four candidates, two women and two men, are preparing to compete for the trust of citizens with intentions for change and bold visions. With the hope that the second city of the province will return to being a center full of life and, above all, that a frayed social fabric can be recomposed.
Strictly in alphabetical order, for the lawyer Renato Bellofiore the saying “you don't change the team that wins” holds true: the former mayor in fact presents himself to the voters supported by his two historic civic lists “Cittadinanza Democratica” and “Lista Bellofiore” which in 2010, under the banner of militant activism, led to the unexpected triumph against a political “big” of the caliber of the MEP Umberto Pirilli. A platform which, however, suffered a setback in the 2015 round, stopping at 15%. Today, ready to continue the path interrupted ten years ago, it claims some flagships: the inauguration of the “Metauros” museum, the saving of the historic “Cisterns” and, above all, the creation of a “pushed” waste separation service that brought Gioia Tauro to a collection percentage of 58%.
Strengthened by her classical education, managerial experience and commitment to social issues, the principal Mariarosaria Russo cherishes the dream of becoming the first female mayor of Gioia Tauro by combining her own experience with civic and social appeal and creating a laboratory for cultural, political and idea comparison, on which she can base an innovative political-cultural coalition at the service of the city. This is how the civic and transversal container “La Ginestra” was born into which a team of professionals, doctors, lawyers, artisans and other key figures from the local community gathered. Supported by five lists (the others are “Together for Joy”, “Participation and democracy”, “Gioiese Project” and “Gioiese Rebirth”), the focus of its program consists in turning on the engine of progress and change on the chessboard politician of Gioia Tauro, triggering the double cultural and conscience revolution.
Another woman who could hold the office of mayor for the first time in the city's history is a lawyer Simona Scarcella, the only candidate supported by symbols of political parties having received the support of Forza Italia and UDC. Sponsored by Reggio MPs Giovanni Arruzzolo And Francesco Cannizzaro who have convincingly endorsed her entry into the field, Scarcella's rise in the ranks of the party founded by Berlusconi began about a year ago with the territorial reorganization of the “blues” which saw her appointed provincial manager for Transport. She is an expert in public procurement, administrative law, public administration law; official working in the state property, port and logistics sectors; responsible for the legal sector of the AdSP of the Southern Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas; responsible for the prevention and anti-corruption sectors for AssoPorti, you have held a managerial role within the Municipality of Gioia Tauro for over twenty years. In addition to the two party symbols, Scarcella can count on the civic “La Gioia del futuro”, “Agire” and “Città del Porto”.
Finally, last but not least, Rosario Schiavoneformer deputy mayor of the city in the early 2000s, who once again pursues the dream of wearing the tricolor sash after trying in 2015. The choice of the political laboratory “Alleanza Gioiese” founded by young people fell on him Christian Carbone, Roberto Irrera And Antonio Papalia. A movement that wants to stand out for its independence from political parties, trying to be an autonomous entity in the belief that politics in Gioia Tauro has suffered from the lack of an active presence of traditional parties. A choice guided by the desire to act impartially, focusing on the real needs of the community. The objective is to freely represent the interests of citizens, responding to local needs with flexibility and decision-making autonomy, without being subjected to the typical influences of party politics. In this way, “Alleanza Gioiese”, together with the “Tradition and Innovation” list, wants to offer an alternative by proposing itself as a force for change.
In the midst of the noise of the rallies, the citizens will still remain at the center of everything. With the power of the vote in their hands, they have the final say on who will lead the city in the coming years.


Renato Bellofiore

Democratic Citizenship
Rocco Belfiore
Rosario Borrello
Antoine Brancati (known as Antonio)
Maria Antonia Caridi
Monica Della Vedova
Antonio Iannì (aka Maradona)
Alessandro Pio Lombardo
Giuseppe Magliano (known as Pino)
Damiana Mingodaro
Vincenzo Magnoli
Antonio Oliveri
Pacific Ruggiero
Caterina Tripodi
Carmelina Vaticano (known as Carmela)
Ferdinando Ventre
Rosanna Vinti

Bellofiore list
Claudia Caccamo
Dajana Domenica Ciccone
Antonino D'Angeli
Antonio Tobia De Simone
Annunziato Gentleman
Lucia (known as Lucia) Guerrasio
Giovanni (known as Gianni) Laurendi
Antonio Rocco Longobucco
Giovanni Melito
Salvatore Bruno Antonio Nardi
Pasquale Ozzimo
Francesco Petrolo
Vanessa Priolo
Annamaria Vicari
Angela Zito
Francesco Zito

Mariarosaria Russo

The Ginestra
Maria Luisa Artese
Maria Adelaide Bagalà
Maria De Caria
Laura Esposito
Patrizia Florio
Francesca Frachea
Grazia Maria Gullace
Salvatore La Rosa
Agostino Mario Mercuri
Giuseppe Pavia
Sunday Raffaela Raso
Ernani Giuseppe Ritrovato
Valentina Schillaci
Mirko Scrugli
Angela Stanganelli
Nicola Zagarella

Together for Joy
Holy Bagalà
Nicodemo Cagliuso
Aldo Casserino
Omar Choukairi
Donato Dalbis
Maria De Gennaro
Josephus Flavian
Maria Carmela Gentleman
Marina Longo
Francesco Padovano
Maria Pia Paiano
Alberto Parrello
Lavinia Ludovica Pirilli
Giuseppe Romeo
Michele Sainato
Stefania Spezzano

Participation and Democracy
Alessia Abate
Giuseppe Bruzzi
Rocco Calderazzo
Maria Cedro
Luisa Ferraro
Pasquale Macrì
Emilio Antonio Vincenzo Mascalchi Calveri
Teresa Pagano
Luigina Pedullà (known as Gina)
Antonio Perri
Simona Rotondo
Vincenza Sainato
Giuseppe Sciarrone (known as Pino)
Raffaella Solano
Emilia Maria Rosaria Vignola
Pasqualina Zambara (known as Lina)

Gioiese project
Francesco Salvatore Arena
Francesco Bova
Clara Cento
Pasqualina Cirillo
Rosario Cocolo
Nicola Di Noro
Claudia Yesenia Donato
Antonio Larocca
Domenico Antonio Leuzzi
Cristiana Stefania Morariu
Giuseppe Polimeni
Esther Saverino

Gioiese rebirth
Valentina Carbone
Antonino Gabriele Cedro
Vincenzo Cedro
Bernadette Maria Fazzari
Salvatore Fontana
Pasqualina Frisina (known as Lina)
Antonio Macrì
Marcello Marzialetti
Corrado Minasi
Mario Oteri
Caterina Paladino
Stefania Pirelli
Giuseppe Ranieri
Raffaella Romeo
Vittorio Zappia
Giovanni Zito

Simona Scarcella

Salvatore Di Bella
Vincenzo Giofrè
Santina La Spada
Simona Leto
Giuseppina Magno (known as Giusy)
Oxana Panetta
Alessandra Pastore
Francesco Pio Patamia
Vincenzo Pavia
Andrea Piccolo
Nicola Pulimeni (known as Nicolino)
Veronica Rice
Giuseppe Romeo
Vincenzo Surace
Sharon Bagpipe

Port City
Mary Aquino
Francesco Cadile
Esmeralda Pia Cassala
Giuseppina Claudia Custos
Valentina Cutrì
Vincenzo Driacchio
Antonino Gerace
Vincenzo Ianni
Emanuele Morogallo
Salvatore Speranza
Antonio Turin
Daniele Trimboli

Forza Italia
Giuseppe Bagalà
Grazia Bagalà (known as Graziana)
Vincenza Bonio
Rosa Maria Catania
Giovanni Cedro (known as Jonny)
Giuseppe Cortese
Maria Pia Gentleman
Michele Maiolo
Vincenzo Marando
Fabio Pioli
Salvatore Ranieri (known as Giulio)
Antonino Rao
Carmelo Riotto
Barbara Sidoti
Sunday Hope
Rebecca Zappia

The Joy of Tomorrow
Paolo Antonio Albanese
Achraf El Makni (known as Angel)
Letizia Soccorsa Esposito
Annalisa Filandro
Cinzia Giovinazzo
Francesco Infantino
Luciano Mangione
Carlo Monaco
Antonino Parrello (known as Totò)
Cosima Damiana Petrelli
Antonella Plateroti
Maria Grazia Sacco
Simona Sciarrone
Teresa Tomaselli
Giovanni Tomasello
Maria Luisa Zito

Vanessa Barba
Massimo Cananzi
Giuseppe De Maio
Giovanni Demarco
Maria Concetta Dromì
Vincenzo Filippone
Simone Gambettola
Mariangela Giovinazzo
Cristian Guerrisi (known as Cri)
Vincenzo Larosa
Carlo Lipari
Antonella Pellegrino
Gretel Maria Grazia Pisano
Anna Maria Pia Rella
Maria Stella Ventrice
Giuseppe Zito

Rosario Schiavone

Gioia Alliance
Maria Rosaria Barillà
Christian Andrea Angelo Carbone
Caterina Catania
Salah Chattabi
Maria Viviana Demaio
Alberto Infusino
Roberto Irrera
Paola Lazzaro
Santino Luppino
Roberta Manago
Rossana Monaco
Antonino Papalia
Rocco Pirrotta
Rosa Romeo
Natina Stillitano
Salvatore Zappalà

Tradition and Innovation
Nicole Ilaria Alessi
Giuseppina Andronaco
Giuseppe Ardissone
Tiziana Borgese
Ivana Careri
Daniela D'Agostino
Daniele Dato
Giovanni Lollio
Domenico Marzano
Leonardo Mingodaro
Marco Polimeni
Domenico Prellino
Antonino Pugliese
Fabio Saccà
Salvatore Sciarrone
Concetta Domenica Tripodi