Cosenza, everyone is crazy about Tutino: the redemption operation has started


By John

It hasn't happened in a long time that Cosenza ended the championship with such an intense air of optimism circulating. It hasn't happened since the first year of Serie B when, like now, the rossoblù closed the tournament on a high note, coming close to a sensational playoff qualification at the end. On that occasion, however, the Sila club was unable to repeat itself, starting a constant struggle for salvation. Now the time is ripe again to try to do something more and this time Guarascio will have to evaluate the moves very carefully to guarantee the Bruzio partnership an even more stimulating future. The first step to do this is through the redemption of Gennaro Tutino, the man with 20 goals in the league, who improved Marco Negri's record. The man everyone is talking about and will continue to chat about in the coming weeks, until his fate becomes clear.
The ultra Eighties group, meanwhile, made its voice heard yesterday and did so by commenting on a Cosenza social post: «Redeem Tutino and build a team around him that makes this wonderful fan base dream», a thought that encompasses that of the whole “herd”. The Neapolitan striker also took to social media yesterday to thank everyone: «We closed as we wanted. Achieving all the objectives that needed to be achieved, both personal and as a team, on this last day. I want to share my record and the joy with my teammates, a great group, who put me in a position to reach this goal, my family and all the people who supported and supported me!”.
Red and blue idol onesie. Mayor Franz Caruso also spoke on the safety and possibility of redemption of the number nine: «The feelings that pervade me today are a mixture of satisfaction and regret. We are proud of the excellent work that Mr. Viali completed, righting the ship and allowing Cosenza to acquire the deserved salvation two weeks early. Gennaro Tutino, the new idol of the rossoblù fans, deserves a separate discussion, and it couldn't be otherwise. A player who, with his attachment to the shirt, to the red and blue colors and to the city of Cosenza itself, has entered everyone's hearts. His 20 goals, as a born center forward, and thanks to which he beat Marco Negri's record, which had stood for a very long time, say a lot about his value and the fact that it would be important to start again next season with Tutino. It is not up to me to influence the technical choices but, as a rossoblù fan, I hope that every effort can be made to keep Tutino in Cosenza. The Cosenza of the future could be built around him and Viali and I am sure that the club and Guarascio agree. With a fan base like this – concluded the mayor – no goal is precluded. Now let's enjoy this moment, but from tomorrow we start working together for the new season. The time is ripe.”

From an icon of today to three symbols of the past

Three icons of Cosenza represented in a single mural. Denis Bergamini, Massimiliano Catena and Gigi Marulla will camp in front of the carriage gate of the “Marulla” stadium. “The Curve of Paradise” was inaugurated yesterday afternoon and is dedicated to all Wolves supporters. A project with a strong symbolic value. The work, created on plasterboard treated by the artist Antonio Viscardi (honoured with a game shirt from the club: ndc), based on an idea by the rossoblù super fan Donato Buccieri, was unveiled in the presence of family members and fans. The event was attended by, obviously, the Silan team manager Kevin Marulla (with him also his sister Ylenia) – son of the most prolific striker of all time wearing the Cosenza shirt -, as well as the marketing manager of the Via degli Stadi company Rosanna Captain Tommaso D'Orazio and councilor Pasquale Unknown were killed. The work was created through many donations made by sponsors, associations and fans.