“Adopt a story”: students interview migrants and a book is born. The presentation in Cosenza on Thursday


By John

The stories of immigrant children collected in a book. A commendable initiative carried out by the association Agape in partnership with the Brutium technical-scientific hub and with the Provincial adult education centre. “Adopt a story”, a book edited by Pierpaolo Lopreiato, is an idea of ​​the Cosenza students of the Polo who interviewed their immigrant peers Cpia. The presentation of the work will be held on Thursday at 6pm at the Ubik bookshop. In addition to the author, speakers will include Professor Clementina Iannuzzi (school director of the Cpia “Valeria Solesin”), Professor Rosita Paradiso (school director of Polo Brutium), Professor Giovanni Iaquinta (teacher of Literature at the Scientific High School of San Giovanni in Fiore) and Dr. Demetrio Guzzardi, editor of “Progetto 2000”.