After the European elections, the Green-Left Alliance analyzes the vote: “The Calabrian result is among the best in Italy”


By John

A result above all expectations, that of the Greens and Left Alliance at the last European elections, which, reaching 6.78% of preferences, stood out as the second left-wing force. This was confirmed by Fernando Pignataro himself, regional secretary of the Italian Left, in a moment open to the press, in Lamezia Terme, in which the coordinator of the Greens’ executive, Giuseppe Campana, and Maria Pia Funaro, strong of 9 thousand, also spoke. preferences. «The Calabrian result is one of the best in Italy», commented Pignataro, «our candidatures were already a political project, those of Lucano and Salis in particular were enthralling, but we all built a path bringing back to the center issues such as humanity, hospitality, solidarity, volunteering, social policies, the right to health, dignity at work. They told us that the weak side would be the Islands and the South, that we wouldn’t even exceed 4%, we were coming from the 2022 results with 1.8% in the House and 1.5% in the Senate”.