Aggravated theft and vehicle trafficking in Germany. A 24-year-old from Cutro was arrested in Reggio Emilia


By John

He is accused by the German authorities of the crimes of aggravated theft and vehicle trafficking. Offenses that he allegedly committed in Germany in December 2022 and which on the banks of the Rhine are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. For this reason, last Saturdaya 24-year-old from Cutro, AL, was arrested by the Carabinieri of San Paolo D'Enza and taken to prison in Reggio Emilia in execution of a European arrest warrant issued by the Amtsgericht Court. The suspect appeared yesterday morning before the criminal section of the Court of Appeal of Bologna for personal identification procedures and for possible surrender to the German authorities. But during the hearing, the young man's defender, the lawyer Salvatore Rossi of the Crotone Court, on the one hand opposed the immediate surrender of his client to Germany, while on the other he requested and obtained from the Bolognese judges the replacement of the precautionary prison measure with the less afflictive one of the obligation to sign, despite the contrary opinion of the General Prosecutor's Office. On May 17, the Court of Appeal of Bologna will decide on the execution of the European arrest warrant against the 24-year-old from Cutrese.