Paola: “Family affairs”, 32 indicted. The accusations from the mafia association to extortion


By John

“Family affairs”: 32 people were sent to trial yesterday afternoon by the Gup of the Court of Catanzaro.
Ordinary trial to be held in the Court of Paola on July 1st for Gianluca Ambrosi, Massimiliano Biscardi, Dalvio Bruno, Francesco Alessandro Bruno, Giuseppe Calabria, Paolo Carbone, Salvatore Caruso, Paolo D'Amato, Francesco De Rose, Giovanni Fiore , Giovanni Garofalo, Michele Iannelli, Giuseppe La Rosa, Francesco Lenti, Giovanni lenti, Silvestro Lenti, Mario Maiolo, Marco Manfredi, Emilio Mantuano, Vincenzo Nesci, Francesco Oro, Albino Sammarco, Alessio Samà, Claudio Santoro, Andrea Santoro, Alessandro Serpa, Francesco Serpa, Giovanni Tenuta, Francesco Trotta, Giovanni Vattimo, Palmela Vilecco and Vommaro Marincolo Luca.
The majority municipal councilor of Paola, Alessio Samà, will also have to be judged by the Criminal Panel. At the time of the events he was a municipal councilor with the former administration led by Roberto Perrotta. He ended up in the operation because it would have facilitated a fictitious residence.
For the abbreviated procedure, yesterday was a day characterized in particular by the scheduling of the next hearings.
We will return to the courtroom in Catanzaro for the DDA public prosecutor's requests for punishment and the discussion of the civil parties on 8 and 11 July. Then from September 20th the discussions of the defense panel of the accused. We will therefore continue with any replies also in October and November when the sentence is expected.

The complaints of the Catanzaro Anti-Mafia District Directorate include, among other things, those of the mafia association, extortion, attempted aggravated extortion, fraudulent transfer of valuables, possession and carrying of weapons, and drug trafficking.
The investigation concerned in particular the territories of the municipalities of Paola, San Lucido and Longobardi.