Agorà Deliese, Falcomatà is born in Delianuova: “Good news, a sign of a vital and socially rich area of ​​initiatives”


By John

The metropolitan mayor, Giuseppe Falcomatà, took part in the presentation of the Agorà Deliese association, chaired by Giovanni Palumbo. In the hall of the “Spadaro” music school in the town of Pianigiano, the mayor took part in a public debate together with Maria Rosa Condina, Nicola Condoluci and Tina Frisina, members of the new association who illustrated the aims and objectives of the association and an app innovative designed to offer opportunities and development of the territory.

«It was a wonderful initiative», said Giuseppe Falcomatà, recognizing «the importance of a useful opportunity to address the issue of completing the road connecting the motorway junction at Gioia Tauro and the village of Delianuova, a work of the Metropolitan City of 2006 which has had various vicissitudes and which, now 94% complete, will also have to go through the detrimental termination of the contract with the company awarded the contract”. «So – explained the mayor – we will proceed with a new tender for which priority three funding of 4.5 million euros has been requested from the Calabria Region for two years. We are convinced that, also thanks to the presence of the new association, which naturally allows greater awareness of the dynamics of the territory, and, naturally, together with the municipal administration of Delianuova, we will be able to work in synergy so that this important work can finally see the light”.

«The birth of Agorà Deliese – continued Falcomatà – is good news because it allows the territory to avoid social, cultural and political isolation. Its presence, in fact, allows us to broaden the discussion on issues of a national nature which, however, have effects on smaller territories and communities. I am thinking, for example, of differentiated autonomy.”

For the president of Agorà Deliese, Giovanni Palumbo, the intervention of the metropolitan mayor at the baptism of the new association «was fundamental and precious because it clarified some points of collective interest, starting from the connecting road which, once completed, it would bring enormous advantages in terms of time and safety.”

«Our association – he concluded – wants to bring people closer to the public debate, it wants to create unity and participation with the sole aim of giving more services and more information to citizens. Small businesses like Delianuova desperately need to be comforted and helped. We want to give a voice to a people who want to be heard even outside the borders of this splendid country.”