France, Macron rules out resigning whatever the outcome of the vote. Early elections confirmed


By John

Emmanuel Macron excludes the possibility of resignation “whatever” the outcome of the vote early political elections of 30 June and 7 July: this is what the French president himself states in the exclusive interview with Le Figaro Magazine. “I say to the French, don't be afraid, go and vote”: this is how the French president responds to the question whether the decision to call early political elections after the victory of the Rassemblement National in the European elections was not a crazy choice. What do you say to someone who says this? «Are you crazy, as they claim?”, asks the journalist. «No, not at all – Macron replies – I can confirm that. I only think of France. It was the right choice, in the country's interest. And I say to the French: don't be afraid, go and vote.”

In the interview with Le Figaro Magazine, Macron says he has “listened to the French people, this is the time for a clarification”. After the victory of the Rassemblement National (RN) in the European elections, “we could not act as if nothing had happened”. In this sense, 'the dissolution (of the National Assembly announced on Sunday evening, ed.) it is the clearest, most radical, strongest gesture. A gesture of great trust towards the French – the president points out – I created an intermediate election to clarify the situation”. Macron also says he is ready in the next few days to “reach out to all those who are ready to come to govern and work on a synthesis” for the country, “in the sense of an ambitious radicality”.