Albanian Prime Minister Rama to Atreju: “Agreement on migrants is not unconstitutional”. Meloni applauds


By John

Standing ovation for Giorgia Meloni in Atreju, his party’s event. The Prime Minister and leader of FdI took her place in the front row in the room hosting the speech of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. FdI deputy Augusta Montaruli, during her introduction, noticed that the prime minister had sat in the audience among the volunteers of the event and introduced her to the public, who stood up and applauded while Meloni briefly went on stage to greet. The President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa then sat next to Meloni.

Albanian Prime Minister Rama among the protagonists: “Disproportionate noise about the agreement between Albania and Italy on migrants”

«It seems to me that a disproportionate amount of noise has been made about the history» of the agreement between Albania and Italy on migrants which «in my opinion is a very natural agreement between two countries with different names, but which I see as two parts of the same people». Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said this while speaking at Atreju, the Fratelli d’Italia event. «For us, Italy has always been part of us», the support shown by Rome after the communist isolation «is enough to understand that no one should be surprised or surprised when we make agreements of common understanding of things and of common benefit» added the Albanian prime minister. «For us it is always an honor to lend a hand when Italy asks us and it will always be a privilege to describe ourselves as a special friend of Italy» concluded Rama.

“Agreement on migrants is not unconstitutional”

«The Albanian Constitutional Court – continued Rama – has done its duty, because according to the Constitution it is automatic to suspend an agreement to take it into consideration before ratification by Parliament. It is proof that I do not control the courts in Albania.” «I am confident because the agreement has nothing unconstitutional. By March is the time limit but I believe the decision will be taken much earlier because it is a very important agreement and both governments need to know whether they can go ahead or not.”

“We said no to other EU countries on migrants”

Regarding an agreement with migrants “I would not accept other requests from European countries, we have had them from other EU countries but we said no”. This is what Prime Minister Rama said again without revealing the names of the states but highlighting that they are ” Cousin countries, and not sister countries like Italy. There is a difference: if we make an agreement with a country like Italy we do it as a common effort, not as if we were a country outside to which we would transfer the problem. That what Italy does is not to transfer the problem, but to try to widen the space to manage this path while dealing with the problem itself.”

Rama: “Meloni wants to move from national sovereignty to European sovereignty”

It seems to me that Giorgia (Meloni) is doing something important, moving from national sovereignism to the search for European sovereignism, in the sense that Europe must wake up and understand how to move for the next generations”.. Thus Rama continued, underlining that the prime minister “it went against all the predictions of the fascist apocalypse” and “tried to convince Europe that we need to work together”.

Meloni applauds Rama’s words

Repeated applause from Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to Edi Rama, the Albanian Prime Minister guest of the FdI Atreju event to talk about the agreement on migrants between Rome and Tirana. “The French don’t want migrants, the Albanians accept them and the Albanians are the problem?”, said Rama from the stage interviewed by the directors of La Verità and La Stampa, Maurizio Belpietro and Andrea Malaguti, a sentence after which Meloni also , like the rest of the audience in the room, applauded and also gave a shout of approval.