Reggio Christmas City, ‘Hey Bro…’: free stage and ‘Christmas selfies’ at the Children’s Village in Piazza Camagna


By John

Space for free expression with three “street walls” dedicated to young people, light installations and a free stage open to all musicians form the Village aimed at young people. A large bright white heart shines in Piazza Camagna. Symbol of love and affection, under the large installation young people from Reggio and beyond will be able to immortalize a moment of joy and happiness on the occasion of Christmas 2023. A small but great corner of serenity aimed in particular at the new generations in which to express their feelings through a Christmas selfie or a simple writing on the wall. Behind the three meter high 3D LED heart on a large cloth lies the writing ‘What are you missing?’ surrounded by hundreds of phrases and thoughts from young people from Reggio. The ‘Hey Bro…’ Kids’ Village therefore comes to life not only with the heart-shaped installation for Christmas selfies and with the three ‘street walls’ for reflection but also with a free stage open to all. Young singers, musicians and bands will be able to perform live by booking by writing to (email protected) sharing their talent and music, outdoors, free of charge and safely. The ‘Hey Bro…’ stage was designed to provide a creative-musical space completely free of charge to any artist who wants to perform and bring a bit of joy to the streets. ‘Hey Bro…’ is the first stage open to young musicians in the city.