Amedeo Matacena’s escape abroad, ex-minister Scajola’s crime expired. Two more acquitted


By John

No role or responsibility in Amedeo Matacena’s escape abroad projectat the time of the facts a former parliamentarian who took refuge abroad, choosing Dubai, to escape a definitive conviction for external association with a mafia organization. The Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria declared “no need to proceed” and the statute of limitations for the crime of procuring non-compliance with the sentence, for which he had been sentenced to 2 years in the first instance, in favor of the former Minister of the Interior and current mayor of Imperia, Claudio Scajola. The Appellate Judges of Reggio Calabria (president Dr. Monica Lucia Monaco) confirmed the acquittal sentence against Martin Politihistorical confidant of the Matacena family; and for the secretary of the Matacena-Chiara Rizzo couple, Mary Grace Fiordelisi. All three had been involved and burdened by serious charges in the “Breakfast” operation conducted by the Reggio Calabria Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office and the Dia operations center in the summer of 2014. So 10 years ago. Within 90 days the Court of Appeal will file the reasons for the sentence.